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– free access library: over 100 publications on: street art & graffiti, graphics, illustration, community art, urban art, participative art,graffzines,  magazines, articles, newspapers;

Urban Collectors intends to expand the international vision on the urban art scene and is welcoming donations. Anyone can collaborate with the project by donating magazines or books related to these topics. We will be thrilled to keep them  and make them available to anyone.

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Graffiti& Street art

  1. NAME TAGGING, Martha Cooper, Mark Batty Publisher New York City
  2. EDUCATION FOR SOCIALLY ENGAGED ART, Pablo Helguera, Jorge Pinto Books, New York
  3. THE FAITH OF GRAFFITI, Norman Mailer & Jon Naar, HarperCollins Publishers
  4. AFTER THE LAUGHTER, Herakut, Publikat
  5. BLACKBOOK. SESSIONS.#03, Publikat
  6. BLACKBOOK. SESSIONS.#04, Publikat
  7. INTERNATIONAL TOP SPRAYER, Moses&Taps, Publikat
  8. STREET FONTS, graffiti alphabets from around the world, Claudia Walde, Thames&Hudson
  9. REVOLUTIONARY WOMEN, A BOOK OF STENCILS, Queen of the Neighbourhood Collective, PM Press
  10. BOMB THE SUBURBS, William Upksi Wimsatt, Soft Skull Press
  11. GRAFFITI COOK BOOK. The complete do-it-yourself guide to graffiti, Dokument Press
  12. AEROSOLS, Daniel Rosko Knorn, All School Cans
  13. OMAGIU, remix culture magazine, Isoni Design, Ltd
  14. I AM 1UP. ONE UNITED POWER, Publikat Verlags & Handels GrubHzCo
  15. STICKERS from the first international stickers awards, Andreas Ulrich, Matthias Marx, Matthias Muller, Die Gestalten Verlag
  16. BERLIN STREET ART 2, Prestel Publishing
  17. STREET ART. La revoluzione nelle strade, Ennio Ciotta, BePress Edizioni
  18. URBAN ART. The world as a canvas, Garry Hunter, Arcturus
  19. GRAFFITI FILES, Editura Paralela 45
  20. GRAFFITI ARGENTINA, Maximiliano Ruiz, Thames&Hudson
  21. GUERILLA SPAM, Edizione Independete Guerilla Spam
  22. GRAFFITI. Arta strazii pe 5 continente, Nicholas Ganz & Tristan Manco, Editura Veillant
  23. STREET ART, Russ Thorne, Flame Tree Publishing
  24. BALCANS. Urban Art&Culture Magazine – Issue 05
  25. BALCANS. Urban Art&Culture Magazine – Issue 06
  26. GIRLS ON TOP, graffzine
  27. CATFIGHT, magazine, no.1-9 (without no. 6)
  28. THE LIFE OF GRAFFITI ARTIST DONDI WHITE, Style Master General, Dondi White, ReganBooks
  29. ALPHABET SPECIALI, Eraide, graffzine
  30. TAKING OVER, graffzine
  31. STREET EDITION NR.1, Berlin, Overkill
  32. BACK JUMPS, magazine
  33. ARTA NAS RUAS, magazine
  34. SAM, STREET ART AND MORE, magazine no.1
  35. SAM, STREET ART AND MORE, magazine no. 3
  36. SAM, STREET ART AND MORE, magazine no. 4
  39. MEETING OF STYLES VOLUME 1, Manuel Gerrulis, From Here to Fame Publishing
  40. FAITH47, From Here to Fame Publishing
  41. SUBWAY ART, Martha Cooper&Henry Chalfant, Thames & Hudson
  42. BIKE ART, BICYCLE IN ART AROUND THE WOLRD, Kiriakos Iosifidis, Publikat
  43. 32 NOTES ON GRAFFITI, Klick Klack Magazine
  44. RE:MAPPING, magazine
  45. BACKJUMPS nr.13
  46. BACKJUMPS nr 14
  47. BACKJUMPS nr 15
  48. BACKJUMPS unknown no.
  49. THE GRAFFITI SUBCULTURE, youth, masculinity and identity in London and New York, Nancy Macdonald, Palgrave Macmillan
  51. GRAFFITI NYC, Hugo Martinez & Nato, Prestel
  53. Bucharest Rullez DVD
  54. YO, GRAFFZINE NO 0, JUNE 2015
  55. REFLECTION ON STREET ART, original artwork, by Doamna Dia
  56. THE MAMOTH BOOK OF STREET ART, by AKE, editura Robinson, Running Press
  57. LISBON STREET ART& URBAN CREATIVITY: 2014 International Conference (Street Art & Urban Creativity, conference books) (Volume 1), Neves, Pedro Soares
  58. GLORIOUS BOOKLET1.4, editura Whole Train Press
  59. BLACK BOOK CULT SERIES/VOLUME 1/POISON, editura Whole Train Press
  60. Subway player MSER,  BLACK BOOK CULT SERIES/VOLUME 1editura Whole Train Press
  61. GRAFFITI A NEW YORK, by Andrea Nelli, editura Whole Train Press
  62. GLORIOUS KINGS OF GREEN, Volume 2, editura Whole Train Press
  63. GLORIOUS KINGS OF GREEN, Volume 3, editura Whole Train Press
  64. FORMAJE nr.1
  65. FORMAJE nr.4
  66. GRAFFITI LA FEMININ, Nicholas Ganz, editura Hecate
  67. Mujeres Grafiteando, ediciones Mujeres Creando
  68. Street Art in Riga 
  69. TRANSMISSION ET MYTHOLOGIE DANS LE GRAFFITI , Joëlle Le Saux, editura Éditions Peinture
  70. SAEIO 2009-2014,  editura Éditions Peinture
  71. Results not Excuses, Paul “Aroe” Barlow  
  72. Mural XXL : What Graffiti and Street Art Did Next, Claudia Walde, editura Thames and Hudson
  73. Street Art, Fine Art, Ingrid Beazley
  74. We B*Girlz, Nika Kramer
  75. Obey: Supply and Demand, Shepard Fairey
  76. Wall Writers,Roger Gastman
  77. Walls Notebook, Sherwood Forlee
  78. Trespass, Carlo McCormick
  79. Calligraffiti, the graphic art of Nieils Shoe Meulman, editura From here to fame publishing
  80. How & Nosm , editura On the Run
  81. Smash 137, editura On the Run
  82. Skin Graf, masters of Graffiti Tattoo, editura Prestel
  83. Sticker city, paper graffiti art, Claudia Walde, editura Thames and Hudson
  84. Kofie, editura Zero+ publishing
  85. Textura Dos, Buenos Aires Street art, editura Mark Batty Publisher, NYC
  86. All City Queens book
  87. Down by Law #17 magazine
  88.  Overrated #3 magazine
  89. Bomber #41/#42 Netherlands magazine
  90. Stylefile #39 Rhein-Main magazine
  91. Stylefile #40 Rhein-Main magazine
  92. Stylefile #42 Rhein-Main magazine
  93. Stylefile #43 Rhein-Main magazine
  94. Stylefile #44Rhein-Main magazine
  95. Stylefile #45 Rhein-Main magazine
  96. Stylefile #46 Rhein-Main magazine
  97. Stylefile #47 Rhein-Main magazine
  98. Stylefile #48 Rhein-Main magazine
  99. Swet Goes Red book
  100. Rugged issue#13 #14 #15 #18 magazine
  101. The Jukebox Colouring Book, editura Gingko Press
  102. Flip the script, A guide for aspiring vandals and typographers, editura Gingko Press
  103. Respect and Love 123Klan, editura Ankama
  104. Dabs & Myla Before and Further, editura Gingko Press
  106. Utah & Ether: Probabation Vacation, Lost in Asia
  107. JUXTAPOZ Psychedelic Urban Media bok
  108. DARE to be different Publikat Publishing book
  109. Cut and Fold Subway Urban Media colouring book
  110. WHAT WE SEE Urban Media book
  111. Moving Shadows #3 Germany Urban Media magazine
  112. GRIFTERS CODE: Documenting Modern Graffiti Writing by Good Guy Boris – Premium: Green cover
  113. Rubin, Dokument press
  114. Mural Art 2: Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World from Graffiti to Trompe L’oeil, Publikat press
  115. Get Up Stay Up, The Concise Graffiti Writer’s Handbook, Publikat press
  116. Graffiti School: A Student Guide and Teacher Manual, Thames & Hudson
  117. Banksy, Wall and piece, Century press
  118. Street art- Fine art, HENI publishing
  119. Graffiti Art #6 Berlin und Neue Länder ,  Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf
  120. Street Art Chile, Eight Books Ltd
  121. HIP HOP FILES: Photographs 1979-1984 by Martha Cooper, From Here to Fame
  122. Arabic Graffiti, From Here to Fame
  123. Street Marking in Hungary, Metex  & Plagium
  124. Tag Town: The Evolution of New York Graffiti Writing, Martha Cooper, Dokument Press
  125. Remapping #1, Urban Collectors
  126. GraffitiA, Urban Collectors
  127. Urban Art School, Graffiti pentru incepatori, Urban Collectors
  128. Imaginarium, romanian street art
  129. Pisica Patrata, editura Vellant
  130. Pisica Patrata, self publishing
  131. Blana #1
  132. Blana #2
  133. Blana #3
  134. Blana #4
  135. Blana #5
  136. Blana #6
  137. Blana #7
  138. Blana #8
  139. Blana #9
  140. Numele graffzine #1
  141. Street World,Urban Culture from five continents,  Thames and Hudson
  142. Graffiti Japan,  Mark Batty Publisher
  143. Girl power DVD
  144. Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan
  145. Open Source: A Citywide Public Art Exhibition,  Gingko Press
  146. Stencil graffiti, Thames and Hudson
  147. Crazy stickers, Cypi Press
  148. Gaza graffiti, messages of love and politics, The American university in Cairo press
  149. Graffiti in Antiquity, Routledge
  150. Graffiti and street art, Thames and Hudson
  151. Backjumps, urban communication and aesthetics, live issue #3
  152. GUERILLA SPAM, tutto cio’ che sai e’ falso, edizione independente
  153.  Forms of rockin’ graffiti letters and popular culture, Dokument press
  154. Fire place newspaper, Belgium and sorroundings

Graphic Design & Illustration

No More Rules: Graphic Design and Postmodernism(Paperback)
Color for Designers: Ninety-Five Things You Need to Know When Choosing and Using Colors for Layouts and Illustrations

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works(Paperback)

Hand-lettering Ledger: A Practical Guide to Creating, Serif, Script, Illustrated, Ornate and Totally Original Hand-drawn Styles (Record book)

Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, and Students(Paperback)

Visual Harmony: Proportion in Graphic Design (Hardback)

I Used to be a Design Student: Then – Now (Paperback)

Typography: My Way to Typography (Paperback)

Hello, I am Erik: Eril Spiekermann: Typographer, Designer, Entrepeneur (Hardback)

Animantion now, Thames and Hudson

Juxtapoz, the psychedelic nomber

Profetia Urbana, Rober Obert

Istoria benzii desenate romanesti, editura Vellant

Hand Lettering Ledger