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GraffitiA San Juan, Puerto Rico November 2013- Vero Rivera is an emerging artist who covers the concrete walls of San Juan with delicate imagery of foliage native to Puerto Rico. When I met Vero, she had just come back from a Bushwick, Brooklyn 2014- GILF! is an artist / activist based in Bushwick, Brooklyn who sparks conversations and questions the status quo through her work. Ranging from graffiti to wheat paste to stencils and performances in the public realm, her projects

Meet Dieynaba, Senegal’s first female graffiti artist Today’s guest blogger is Ricci Shryock, a writer and photographer based in Dakar, Senegal.  Twenty-four year old Dieynaba Sidibe is Senegal’s first female graffiti artist. As she prepares for Festigraff, a 10-day international graffiti festival in

Name: Adriana Doi Crew: - Location:London,UK/ Bucharest, RO, Active since: 2001 Favorite surface / medium: Canvas, paper, wall, digital/ watercolor, acrylic, markers, cans, everything! Personal motivation: Let's do it Contact: email: As a female artist, what are some of your greatest challenges or obstacles you face?

Name: Mysa Crew: Don’t have Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Active since: 2003 Favorite surface/medium: Walls and canvas Personal motivation: Contact (site, instagram, tumblr, fb etc): Instagram: olmaigoosh FB page: Mysa   Q: How long are you into street art/illustration? Give me little background of your starts. I was 14 years

Name: Shelley Miller Location: Montreal Active since: 2001 Favorite surface/medium: crumbling street walls with sugar  Personal motivation: To show the contrast and imbalance between things, using sugar as a metaphor for excess. Contact: Twitter: @ShelleyMiller Instagram: Shelley Miller Studio   Q: How long are you into murals? Give me little

Name: ASHES57 Location: LONDON Active since: 2000 Favorite surface/medium: wall / black paint / posca pen / spraypaint Personal motivation: travel the world  Contact(site, instagram, tumblr, fb etc ): @ashes57   Q: Ashes57 describes herself as a graphic artist/ street photographer Give me little background of your starts. Art is running my

Name: MILKA one Crew: LHO Location: Marseille, France Active since: walls 2004 / trains 2007 Favorite surface/medium: Trains Personal motivation: I love it Contact(site, instagram, tumblr, fb etc ): Q: How long are you into graffiti? Give me little background of your starts. I hear hip hop since I'm a

Name: My name is always changing especially the one that I sign my art with, according to the inspiration I get from it, but o make it simple: Cristina Crew: :) This planet +… is my crew, in my crew there The Bronx, NYC 2013 - Miss 163, aka Sharon de la Cruz, is a street artist from The Bronx. I met Miss 163 one fall afternoon in 2012 while she was painting a wall at 5Pointz in Long Island City.