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Urban Cinema: Born into Brothels

Urban Cinema: Born into Brothels 
24 noiembrie ora 19.00


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24 noiembrie ora 19.00 Urban Cinema: Born into Brothels

Born into Brothels explores the lives of several sons and daughters of prostitutes who live in the Red Light District of Calcutta, India. As an Academy Award winner for best documentary, winner of the Audience Award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and over twenty other major film festival prizes, this documentary uses photography and film to capture elements of life in the Red Light District that outsiders cannot.
Zana Briski (Director) started the project in hopes of photographing the lives of India’s sex workers. She took up residence in the Red Light District to immerse herself in their world and in doing so, became involved in the lives of the prostitute’s children. Briski gives each child a camera and teaches them the basics of photography, and what is produced is a heartbreaking look into the souls of children who were literally, born into brothels. Briski gave these children the tools and the opportunity for higher education, hope and a better life.