Re: mapping is a project that aims to promote graffiti and street, to  revitalize and bring colour to the public spaces of the city of Roman, create opportunities of artistic expression for young graffers and promotes street art as a form of intercultural dialogue, bringing people together.

-Graffiti, Street art workshops, workshops for children, music and film projects. Venue: Roman, Neamt, Romania (1 to 8 July 2014)

-Launching of the magazineRe: Graffiti and street art mapping on local map. Venue: Bucharest, Romania (October-November, 2014)

Invited artists:
Romania-Cute Creatures, Emzol, NTH QIC, QIC RO, Lost Optics
Italy- Ale Senso, Angelo Spatola,LaDuck Crew, Tatis, Ste-Mart, MR. BLOB


Bordergate(IT), SAMO(IT), POSCA(RO)


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